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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Contact: Robin Ross, Board of Commissioners, 614-525-2392
Tyler Lowry, Board of Commissioners, 614-525-6630

On Tuesday, the Franklin County Commissioners approved a resolution that accepts 26 contracts with partners that provide funding totaling more than $6.3 million to improve the lives of residents in Franklin County.  Since 2006 the commissioners have partnered directly with community non-profit organizations that seek to: create well-paying jobs for residents and economic development opportunities for businesses, protect the environment, further residents’ access to affordable healthcare, and support measures to stabilize families and children while keeping neighborhoods safe.
In a modified funding approach this year, delivering needed dollars early in the year to the grant recipients not only streamlines the accounting process, but addresses the challenges faced by non-profits in preparing and foreseeing budget needs and strategically connecting helpful services to county residents. To qualify for a 2020 community partnership grant, the applying organization must have 501(c) (3) non-profit status and have been in existence in Franklin County for a minimum of three years.  The community partnerships program is a competitive grant process whereby the commissioners select local community-based organizations that serve county residents through proven and effective programming that address the Board of Commissioners four core goals surrounding jobs, housing, health, and youth.  These goals run parallel to the findings revealed in the Rise Together Blueprint for Reducing Poverty report released in June of 2019. 
“Approving $6,386,856 in community partnership grants in January will create immeasurable impacts for our county in 2020, said Board President John O’Grady.  “By thoroughly studying and researching poverty in Franklin County last year, I think we have defined a clear path to demonstrating the county’s commitment by aligning funding with partners that target steps to improving not only the health of every resident but the overall health of our community.”
Of the 26 agreements accepted today, 15 community partners target the board’s initiative to promote health equity in Franklin County.  These grants totaling more than $4.6 million address the commissioners’ strategic plan to improve physical, mental and behavioral health and well-being, increase access to care and advance utilization of services and social connectedness.
“These grants are a strategic investment in the health and wellbeing of our residents.  The Board of Commissioners is targeting these funds to help many families bridge the gap when they either don’t have health coverage or the cost is unattainable,” said Commissioner Marilyn Brown.  “Our collaboration with these outstanding community partners will make a measurable impact on the health of our communities, and getting these dollars into the community in a quick and efficient way will only help more residents get the quality care and services they so desperately need and deserve.”
Through collaboration with local non-profit organizations, business owners, and national, state and local governments, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners has taken the lead in improving the lives of residents by dedicating its community partnership funding to community safety, security and effective justice; job creation, strategic economic development, fiscal security; supportive health and human services, good stewardship of natural resources, environmental sustainability, civic engagement and efficient, responsive and fiscally sustainable government operations. 
“Starting to move the needle on mitigating poverty in Franklin County requires a community commitment to increase access to higher-paying jobs in underserved neighborhoods,” said Commissioner Kevin Boyce.  “By creating engagement opportunities with employers’ and improving access to relevant training opportunities that also meet local demand, these community grants provide supportive services for individuals to access employment and ensures employers follow through on their commitments to hire and promote residents, regardless of religion, skin color, or zip code.”
A complete list of 2020 Community Partnership grant recipients is below:
Community Partner                                                                            Contract Amount
Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio                                       $75,000
Center for Family Safety and Healing                                                  $230,000
Central Ohio Diabetes Association                                                      $100,000
Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio                                                  $100,000
Children’s Hunger Alliance                                                                  $125,000
Columbus Humane                                                                              $35,000
Columbus Public Health                                                                      $2,141,146
Community Mediation Services                                                           $100,000
Community Properties Impact Corporation                                         $157,570
Equitas Health                                                                                     $130,863
ECDI                                                                                                    $200,000
Franklin County Public Health                                                             $150,000
Franklin Park Conservatory                                                                 $88,000
Freedom a la Cart                                                                                $150,000
Heart of Ohio Family Health Centers                                                   $143,500
House of Hope                                                                                     $65,000
Mid-Ohio Foodbank                                                                             $100,000
Nationwide Children’s Hospital                                                            $450,000
OSU Extension, Franklin County                                                         $190,000
Physician’s CareConnection                                                                $350,000
Prevent Blindness, Ohio Affiliate                                                          $22,000
Primary One Health                                                                              $500,000
Produce Perks Midwest                                                                        $75,000
Riverview Center                                                                                  $40,447
Southeast, Inc.                                                                                     $164,230
Star House                                                                                           $500,000
TOTAL:                                                                                                $6,383,556