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New Exhibit Honoring Fallen Veterans Dedicated

Wednesday, November 06, 2019
Contact: Tyler Lowry, Commissioners, 614-525-6630
Jodi Andes, Commissioners, 614-525-5273

Franklin County veterans who have served and died during our nation’s wars now have a special exhibit dedicated in their honor which lists the veterans by name, thanks to an exhibit commissioned by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners.
The Commissioners joined veterans and area historians from across the county for a special dedication of the exhibit this morning. The exhibit includes a collection of historic plaques that list the fallen veterans by name, as far back as the Revolutionary War. The plaques had been created throughout the 1900s and had started to show the effects of decades on display.
The Franklin County commissioners had the plaques restored and had an exhibit custom built so these historic treasures could be revered by residents once again for years to come. The dedication took place in Memorial Hall, which is where most of the plaques were initially displayed.
“These plaques demonstrate the rich history of Franklin County veterans who have served this great nation from its founding. We believe this exhibit will be treasured and visited for generations to come,” said Marilyn Brown, president of the Board of Commissioners.  “This memorial is now in its rightful home and in a building that was solely dedicated to veterans.”
The idea for Memorial Hall was conceived after the Civil War, but the building would not be dedicated until 1906. It was designed as a memorial and meeting place for war veterans, which also gave them a space to host conventions and civic gatherings. It hosted many historic events since then including welcoming troops home from World War I and was visited by several U.S. Presidents.
As the building changed over the decades, the plaques were moved around and spent many years in the former Veterans Memorial, which was formerly at the site of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum.
“The idea to restore and display these plaques on permanent display was an idea suggested by some local residents and we are glad they did,” Commissioner John O’Grady said. “We were able with input from local veterans to design a patriotic exhibit that reveres and leaves a lasting impression for all those who see it. It is important that we always remember what these veterans have done for us all.”
Several other similar plaques were placed in the National Veterans Museum and Memorial, giving them more exposure to visitors from across the country.
The Memorial Hall exhibit includes two interactive displays that give a modern touch for these historic treasurers.
“We know there is no way to repay the debt these men and women paid for all of us. However, with this exhibit we hope this is a way for Franklin County veterans to always be remembered and their sacrifice honored,” said Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce.
Anyone wanting to see the exhibit can visit Memorial Hall, 280 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio, during business hours, primarily between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.