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Franklin County Corrections Centers Keep Top Accreditations

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Michael Daniels, Commissioners' Office of Justice Policy & Programs, 614-525-2197

Marc Gofstein, Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin's Office, 614-525-4774

Franklin County Corrections Centers Keep Top Accreditations

Comprehensive Mental Health Care and Continuity Is A Key Factor

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has been notified that the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) has voted to continue to accredit the Franklin County Corrections Centers for compliance with NCCHC’s Standards for Health Services in Jails. Franklin County remains among an elite group of facilities to earn and consistently retain this coveted accreditation.
NCCHC’s nationally recognized Standards lay the foundation for constitutionally acceptable health services systems. Use of these benchmark standards helps jails to improve health services delivery. The Standards address nine general areas: health care services and support, patient care and treatment, special needs and services, governance and administration, personnel and training, safety, health records, health promotion and medical-legal issues.
“I am immensely proud to, once again, be recognized by the NCCHC with this accreditation,” said Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin. “When you properly address the health needs of every inmate in your care, especially those with mental health issues, you are better able to help everyone in getting their lives in order so that you can reduce recidivism.”
New since the last accreditation cycle, the Corrections Centers now have comprehensive 24/7 medical services including intensive mental health care via Naphcare, a leader in incarceration healthcare nationwide. Thanks to a contract negotiated by the Sheriff’s Office and funded by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, this $39.6M, 3 year contract, provides for more medical staff, faster times to care, and perhaps most importantly, a consistency of formulary to ensure that inmates are receiving the same pharmaceutical drugs and formulations inside the jail as they were before their incarceration.
“This accreditation demonstrates Franklin County’s commitment to smart justice, improving community safety through appropriate care,” said Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown, who led the County’s efforts and insistence on the expanded and inclusive formulary. “Too many people in the jail have mental health diagnoses, and we must provide them with continuity of care for their medications with expert medical staff. This allows people to get well and return as productive members of our community, rather than experience dangerous mental health crises while incarcerated.”
“The entire corrections staff – whether it be our deputies, or our partners from Naphcare – are united in one cause; ensuring the safety and care of every inmate who comes to our facility, regardless of their circumstance,” said Chief Deputy Penny Perry, who oversees all Corrections activities for the Sheriff’s Office. “Having this accreditation from NCCHC is a testimony to the commitment we’ve made to making sure those with mental health issues are treated and cared for like every other inmate.”

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