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Commissioners Approve Paid Family Leave

Tuesday, January 09, 2018
Contact: Tyler Lowry, Franklin County Commissioners, 614/525-6630
Marty Homan, Franklin County Commissioners, 614/525-5273

This morning, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a new Paid Family Leave program to allow employees time to provide parental care immediately following the birth or adoption of a minor child, and to care for a covered family member who has a serious medical condition. In August 2016, Franklin County received a $126,000 Paid Leave Analysis grant from the US Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau to conduct the research and analysis needed to develop and implement a paid family leave program.
The Franklin County Board of Commissioners strives to recruit and retain quality employees, and in doing so, offers a variety of paid leave options and a comprehensive benefits package in order to make Franklin County a preferred employer. The commissioners recognize the importance of supporting employees as they balance career and family requirements, and implementing a Paid Family Leave program is the right course of action and another step toward providing outstanding service to every resident by maintaining a vibrant workforce.

Editor's note: This action taken by the Board of Commissioners applies to employees of the agencies under its direct authority. The board does not set human resources policy for other independently-elected county officials (Auditor, Clerk, the Courts, Recorder, Sheriff, Treasurer, etc.), though those officials may choose to adopt similar policies.

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