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Nitrate Advisory for Parts of Western Franklin County

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Contact: Tyler Lowry, Commissioners, 614/525-6630

Concurrent with the City of Columbus’ advisory, The Franklin County Sanitary Engineering Department has issued a Nitrate Advisory for areas served by the county’s Sanitary District 4, which includes areas south of Fisher Road and north of Sullivant Avenue between Hilliard Rome or Norton Roads on the west and Phillipi/Georgesville Road to the east. Tap water in those areas should not be given to infants below the age of six months or used to make infant formula, juice, or cereal. Women in those areas who are more than 30 weeks pregnant should also avoid drinking tap water or beverages made with tap water during the advisory. DO NOT BOIL THE TAP WATER; boiling increases nitrate levels.

The advisory is in effect until further notice. It does not affect other areas served by Franklin County Sanitary Engineering, such as the Villages of Lockbourne and Harrisburg, Leonard Park, or the Timberlake Subdivision. Water for customers in the county’s Sanitary District 4, however, is provided by the City of Columbus water plant that is affected by the city’s advisory

The broader advisory issued by the City of Columbus includes portions of downtown, southwestern Columbus, Grandview Heights, Grove City, Hilliard, Lincoln Village, Marble Cliff, Upper Arlington, Urbancrest, and Valleyview. 

Healthy adults and older children may consume higher levels of nitrate safely, and it is common in many foods such as processed meats and salads. The Ohio EPA requires notification of nitrate levels that exceed 10 parts per million. The nitrate levels in water tested at the Columbus plant that serves this area registered 10.5 parts per million. For more information, contact the Franklin County Department of Sanitary Engineering at 614- 525-3940 or or visit