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Franklin County Commissioners hold Emergency Meeting in Response to Weather Disaster

Sunday, July 01, 2012
Contact: Scott Varner, Franklin County Commissioners, 614/525-6638 or 614/554-9089

In response to Friday’s widespread weather and power outage disaster, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners held a special Emergency Meeting on Sunday, July 1, to approve a countywide declaration of emergency.

Throughout the weekend, County Commissioners and the Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security have been in contact with local mayors and township officials, law enforcement and first responders, and local health and human service providers. The County also worked with partners at the state, including the Ohio Emergency Management Agency and the Ohio National Guard, as well as local utilities, including American Electric Power, to keep up-to-date on the situation.

Roughly 48 hours since a line of severe thunderstorms and violent straight line winds went through Central Ohio, Franklin County residents are still being severely impacted by a significant number of homes and businesses without electricity and continued high temperatures.

Below is the text of the Emergency Declaration approved by the County Commissioners:

Resolution No. 0494-12 - July 01, 2012 Resolution to declare an emergency in Franklin County, Ohio, due to severe storms and high winds. (Commissioners)

WHEREAS, the Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency has determined that the lives and well-being of the citizens of Franklin County have been severely affected by severe storms and high winds that occurred throughout the County on June 29, 2012; and

WHEREAS, Governor John R. Kasich has declared a state of emergency for the entire state of Ohio due to the dangerous conditions and damages resulting from the severe storms and high winds; and

WHEREAS, the severe storms resulted in fallen trees, downed power lines, widespread power outages to approximately 186,000 residences along with additional business and jurisdiction outages;

WHEREAS, the straight-line winds of June 29, 2012 caused widespread damage to property, debrisblocked streets and thoroughfares, and the interruption of services and business activities; and

WHEREAS, temperatures have exceeded one-hundred degrees and are predicted to remain in the high nineties for at least the next seven days; and

WHEREAS, the affected citizens, businesses, and jurisdictions in Franklin County may need financial assistance for debris removal, repairs to property, access to food, water, generators and equipment, and other supplies and services to protect life and property; and

WHEREAS, some of these services may not be covered by existing programs, insurance, or other funding sources; now therefore


That the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, pursuant to the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and Federal Statutes, declares a state of emergency within Franklin County effective on and from June 29, 2012 due to the severe storms and high winds, and hereby authorizes the preparation of requests for State or Federal public and individual assistance for affected residents, businesses, and jurisdictions.

Upon the motion of Commissioner Marilyn Brown, seconded by Commissioner John OGrady. V

oting: Paula Brooks, President (Aye); Marilyn Brown (Aye); John O’Grady (Aye)
Board of County Commissioners
Franklin County, Ohio