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Commissioners Rollout Updated Website Highlighting Core Principles

Monday, June 27, 2011
Contact: Hanna Greer, 525-5848
Marty Homan, 525-5273

This morning, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners launched a redesigned website, enhancing their online presence and highlighting a revised set of core principles. The board’s website can be found at

“This new website has the improved navigation and accessibility features that you would expect to find on a 21st century website,” said Board President Marilyn Brown. “This is a much more user-friendly design and layout, and we think visitors to our website will find it easier to locate information about programs and services they need.”

In April, the Commissioners revised their core principles and created county-level goals as a first step in an initiative to provide more clarity about: why the programs the County offers exist; what value they offer to citizens; how they benefit the community; what price we pay for them; and what objectives and citizen demands they are achieving.

These core principles are:
• To Provide Community Safety, Security & Effective Justice
• To Promote Job Creation, Strategic Economic Development, & Fiscal Security
• To Provide Supportive Health & Human Services
• To Promote Good Stewardship of Natural Resources, Environmental Sustainability, & Civic Engagement
• To Provide Efficient, Responsive & Fiscally Sustainable Government Operations

“By revising our core principles and creating new goals, we’re improving our budget performance measuring tools to ensure taxpayers are getting the best return on their investment,” said Commissioner Paula Brooks. “And by redesigning our website, we are enhancing our ability to communicate our policy priorities to the public about how we spend their tax dollars.”

Today, Commissioners held their annual Leadership Meeting for their agency directors and key personnel and outlined policy goals for the upcoming Budget process. On Wednesday, a countywide meeting is planned to discuss these core principles and goals with community stakeholders and agency directors. “Re-launching our website is the perfect way to highlight these new budgeting guidelines,” said Commissioner John O’Grady. “We’re improving our budget process and expanding our communications efforts online.”