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Commissioners Encourage Residents to Prepare for Severe Spring Weather

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Contact: Hanna M. Greer, Commissioners, 525-5848
Emily Wickham, Commissioner, 525-6638

As warmer weather quickly approaches, Franklin County Commissioners are encouraging residents to be prepared for the severe weather, including thunderstorms, lightning, flooding and tornados, that accompany Spring.

Over the past several weeks, Franklin County and communities throughout Ohio have experienced heavy Spring rains at a time when the ground is still saturated from the Winter snow. This can be a dangerous combination leading to standing water on roadways.“Floods are the number one weather-related hazard in central Ohio,” said Commissioner Marilyn Brown. “Drivers should not attempt to drive through water; no matter how shallow it may appear. Be safe, turnaround and find another route to your destination.”

On Wednesday, March 23, Franklin County will be participating in the annual Statewide Tornado Drill that is scheduled to be activated at 9:30a.m. At this time, all County residents are encouraged to practice their tornado preparation and seek cover.

“A tornado can strike at anytime,” said Commissioner Paula Brooks. “Have a family plan in place – such as moving to the basement, or a place with no windows. Families should practice that plan, especially with children, so that everyone knows what to do if a disaster occurs.”

“The devastation left behind by a flood, tornado or thunderstorm to your home, property and community can be overwhelming,” said Commissioner John O’Grady. “This weather can cause costly damage to our homes and disruption to our daily lives. Preparation is key.”

Visit the Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security website at for more severe weather safety tips.

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