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Small & Emerging Business Enterprises

A small and emerging business is defined as a business concern, including its affiliates, which is independently owned and operated. It is not dominant in its field of operation because it does not exercise a controlling or major influence on other comparable business operations in Central Ohio. Dominance is determined by several factors including but not limited to volume of business, number of employees, financial resources, and the nature of business activity.

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The Franklin County Board of Commissioners recognizes the benefit of competing business opportunities in Franklin County. It also recognizes that greater numbers of minority, female, and disadvantaged businesses constitute a significant portion of Small and Emerging Business Enterprises (SEBE) in Franklin County. To ensure opportunities are afforded to Small and Emerging Business Enterprises, the board established a Small and Emerging Business Outreach Program.

This program is a commitment to the small and emerging business to encourage competition and provide and even playing field for all businesses. This program is designed to provide assistance to small and emerging business enterprises and to encourage their participation in Franklin County contracts and procurements.


The purpose of the Small and Emerging Business Enterprises Program is to improve and enhance the competitive and non-competitive bid process within Franklin County in order to provide Small and Emerging Business Enterprises the opportunity to do business.


The Small & Emerging Business (SEB) Coordinator, Marleise K. Wicker, is located within the Commissioners' Office. Marleise administers the SEBE Program as outlined herein and makes recommendations through the Purchasing Supervisor, Assistant Director, Director and County Administration to the  Board of Commissioners to increase the level of Small, Minority, Women, Disadvantaged and Veteran Business Enterprise participation in county contracts.

The SEBE Coordinator along with the Purchasing team:

  • can show past bids so the SEBE firm can become familiar with the process of  reviewing basic documents necessary for submission,
  • confirm how to submit a bid or quote, show the types of goods and services we buy,
  • answer general questions about our policies and processes.


Assistance is provided by focusing on outreach to businesses, encouraging SEBE participation in county procurement.

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