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Boards and Commissions

Good government starts with good people.

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners appoints individuals to more than forty boards, commissions, committees, and authorities. Each have an impact on every facet of local government, economic development, and social services within the county. We are always looking for talented individuals who want to serve their community by becoming involved by serving on a board or commission. Each member brings an expertise, level of diversity, and a unique perspective to their service. We invite you to get involved, and to help Franklin County in serving “Every resident, every day.”

Serve your community by becoming a member of a board, commission, committee, or authority, on behalf of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners. Thank you!

If you have questions about serving, please contact Brittany A. Razek, Director of Community Appointments, at: (614) 525-3322, or via email at [email protected].