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The national Stepping Up initiative is a collaboration between the National Association of Counties (NACo), the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, and the American Psychiatric Foundation (APF) to help advance counties' efforts to reduce the number of adults with mental and co-occurring substance use disorders in jails.

The initiative engages a diverse group of organizations with expertise on these issues, including those representing sheriffs, jail administrators, judges, community corrections professionals, treatment providers, people with mental illnesses and their families, mental health and substance use program directors, and other stakeholders.

These pages document our commitment in Franklin County, Ohio, to the Stepping Up Initiative.

Our overarching goals are to:

A: Reduce the Average Daily Jail Population by 30% by 2020

2014 Baseline best guess* 


Inmates at both

Franklin Co jail facilities

2018 Average Daily  Population

1987 (⇑ 4.6%) 

2017 ADP = 2001 (⇑ 5.3%)

2016 ADP = 1925 (⇑ 1.3%)

2015 ADP = 1852 (⇓ 2.5%)

2020 Goal Average Daily  Population 




B: Reduce the Average Length of Stay (ALOS) Disparity between Inmates with and without Mental Health Issues by 50% by 2020

2014 Baseline
(60% disparity gap, 26 day ALOS)


20 days vs 32 days

2018 ACTUAL Disparity

(185% disparity gap, 75.0 day ALOS)
(MH data only available since 2018)

26.3 days vs 75.0 days


2020 Goal
(≤ 30% disparity gap, 22 day ALOS)

20 days vs 26 days
Should be revised to
30% disparity gap from first actual data
26.3 days vs 52.5 days

* 2014, 2015: Franklin County Sheriff Office data. 2016: Office of Management and Budget data.
** 2014: Council of State Governments Justice Center study and extrapolated data from 2010 - see Core Documents tab to download and review
** 2014: FCSO ALOS data (not separated by mental health status): sentenced felonies = 106d; non-sentenced felonies = 28d; sentenced misdemeanors = 24d; non-sentenced misdemeanors = 7d