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Prescription, Health & Dental Discount Program


Prescription, health, and dental costs continue to increase. Having access to affordable health care is so important for the well-being of Franklin County’s residents and families. To that end, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners proudly sponsors three health-related programs that provide every county resident with the opportunity to obtain prescription medications and health and dental services at a discounted rate.
The first of these programs is the FREE Prescription Discount Card. This card provides an average of 24% savings off the retail price of prescription medicine; is good at 68,000 retail pharmacies nationwide; and can be used over and over for all family members, including medication for pets.

Through this offer, Franklin County residents also have the choice of enrolling in two other discount programs:

  1. A Health Discount program which carries a low membership fee for discounts related to vision, hearing, diabetes supplies, lab work and more.
  2. A Dental Discount program which offers, for a low membership fee, discounts on dental services.

The Commissioners are proud to be able to offer this program to help our residents with their medical costs through the FREE Franklin County Prescription Discount Card, and the low-fee Health and Dental Discount Programs. We hope you’ll join us in this important community wellness effort.


Free Prescription Discount Program

Go to to sign up for free, download your Prescription Discount Card and find a pharmacy. Or call toll-free 1-877-321-2652


Low-Fee Health Discount Program

For more info on health discounts go to or call toll-free 1-877-573-2395


Low-Fee Dental Discount Program

For more info on dental discounts go to or call toll-free 1-877-573-2395


Bulk Supply

There is no cost associated with promoting the cards. Franklin County will provide all of the necessary cards (in both English and Spanish), displays and posters for your building or business. Once on display, there is no additional administrative time required of your staff except to keep the display stocked with cards.

To request a supply of the cards, display box, and posters email or call 614-525-3948 and indicate how many packs (100 cards/pack) of English and/or Spanish cards you would like. Thank you for your consideration.