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Learn more about how to connect with county-supported resources for residents.

  •  HUD Resources for Homeowners
  •  Job & Family Services Continue Leading Community Support in COVID-19 Health Crisis
  •  The Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio
  •  Providing Meals for Seniors During Public Health Restrictions
  •  Aiding Disproportionately Impacted Latino Families
  •  Slowing the Spread of Infection Among Homeless Residents
  •  United Way of Central Ohio  
  •  The Columbus Urban League
  •  Relief for Families Awaiting Government Aid

    Read the press release describing more about the program.

Resources for Businesses

Here are resources and programs your commissioners have implemented to help small business owners:

Multiple Languages

Many different agencies are providing information about Covid-19 in various languages. Here are some of those resources:

Franklin County Public Health

Help from Non-Profits