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  • Commissioners' Statement on Infectious Disease Outbreak at Franklin County Dog Shelter

  • Commissioners Hire New Dog Shelter Director

    The Franklin County Commissioners have announced that Donald Winstel will be hired as the head of the county’s Department of Animal Care and Control, which oversees the county dog shelter. Winstel was most recently the Chief Operating Officer for the Ohio Wildlife Center, and is a previous director of Franklin County Animal Care and Control. He’ll start work as director of the department and the shelter again on September 6th.

  • Nitrate Advisory for Parts of Western Franklin County

    Concurrent with the City of Columbus’ advisory, The Franklin County Sanitary Engineering Department has issued a Nitrate Advisory for areas served by the county’s Sanitary District 4, which includes areas south of Fisher Road and north of Sullivant Avenue between Hilliard Rome or Norton Roads on the west and Phillipi/Georgesville Road to the east.

  • Commissioners' Statement on the Mass Shooting in Orlando, Death of Governor Voinovich

  • Commissioners Approve Living Wage Adjustment for County Employees

    On June 7, the commissioners voted to implement a series of wage adjustments that could result in pay raises for up to about 750 county employees, including ensuring that all current and future commissioner employees will be paid a living wage. The commissioners have long been committed to seeing that all residents of Franklin County are paid a living wage for the work that they do, and a year ago commissioned a study to determine what that hourly wage is in Franklin County, and how the Board can implement a living wage for all of its employees. The resolution passed will increase the amount of the lowest salary paid to non-bargaining commissioner employees to $13.69 per hour. It also allows the county to renegotiate union contracts so that the changes to apply to bargaining unit employees as well.

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